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Thursday Sep 19, 2019

Today we talk about the first part of the Shining Force Gaiden Trilogy. We dig into many different aspects of the game and had fun while doing it. Please rate and subscribe for more awesome Shining Pod content. 

Wednesday Aug 07, 2019

Welcome back to everybody's favorite podcast, Shining Pod! In today's episode, I talk with Chris Harkey about some of our favorite Shining Force memories and everything in between. Check Chris' youtube channel here:  

Wednesday Jul 17, 2019

We are back with our discussion on the second Shining Force Game. In this episode, we will breakdown the game in many different directions while finding ways to slander Hans at the same time! We also delve into Justin's game War of Velana.  Check us out on Twitter @McgarrMentions, @doolindigital, and @jmitchell1628 

Sunday Jun 23, 2019

Daniel and Jeremy discuss the original Shining Force game. They breakdown the game in terms of plot, characters, gameplay, and whatever thoughts cross their minds.  In the final half of the pod, Jeremy talks about the turn-based RPG he is making the Ballad of Thuriana.  You and can follow Jeremy on Twitter @doolindigital for updates on the game. Daniel can be found on Twitter @mcgarrmentions. 

Sunday Jun 09, 2019

Hello and Welcome to what I believe to be the first ever Shining Force Podcast. Please subscribe and send me comments on Twitter @mcgarrmentions or email me at If you are interested in being a guest or have a question, theory, or any sort of comment send me a message. 

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